Series: CBC The Rawhide Show
Genre: Variety
Episodes: 5

Last Show Of The Season
Original Broadcast Date: 1952.05.23
Play Episode - Length: 19:05
Download Episode - File Size:4.38 MB
The Three Little Fallout Shelters
Original Broadcast Date: 1960.07.22
Play Episode - Length: 14:03
Download Episode - File Size:3.23 MB
Easter Bunny Interview
Original Broadcast Date: 1961.03.24
Play Episode - Length: 14:36
Download Episode - File Size:3.35 MB
Fish Chips For Diefenbaker
Original Broadcast Date: 1961.05.19
Play Episode - Length: 6:45
Download Episode - File Size:1.56 MB
Nuclear Warfare Can Be Fun
Original Broadcast Date: 1961.11.09
Play Episode - Length: 14:01
Download Episode - File Size:3.22 MB

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