Series: Request Performance
Genre: Variety
Episodes: 7

A Tour Of New Orleans Ronald Colman
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.10.07
Play Episode - Length: 28:28
Download Episode - File Size:6.53 MB
Huckleberry Finn Frank Morgan Rudy Vallee
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.10.14
Play Episode - Length: 29:15
Download Episode - File Size:6.71 MB
Trip To The Moon Orson Welles Eddie Bracken Johnny Mercer
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.10.21
Play Episode - Length: 29:56
Download Episode - File Size:6.87 MB
The Bet Frank Morgan Boris Karloff Roy Rogers
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.02.03
Play Episode - Length: 29:41
Download Episode - File Size:6.81 MB
One For The Money Rudy Vallee Cass Daley Edward Arnold
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.02.24
Play Episode - Length: 28:44
Download Episode - File Size:6.59 MB
Rappaccini's Daughter - Guest Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.03.10
Play Episode - Length: 28:34
Download Episode - File Size:6.55 MB
Spring Comes To Central Park Dick Powell George Raft Abbott And Costello
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.04.21
Play Episode - Length: 29:45
Download Episode - File Size:6.83 MB

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