Series: Passport To Romance
Genre: Variety
Episodes: 7

Possibly The First Show Of The Series
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.03.22
Play Episode - Length: 31:25
Download Episode - File Size:7.21 MB
A Situation Comedy About A Girl And A Boy
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.03.29
Play Episode - Length: 30:55
Download Episode - File Size:7.09 MB
All Aboard For Songs And Romance
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.04.05
Play Episode - Length: 31:23
Download Episode - File Size:7.2 MB
At The Masquerade Ball
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.04.12
Play Episode - Length: 29:30
Download Episode - File Size:6.77 MB
The Further Adventures Of The Singing Stewards
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.04.19
Play Episode - Length: 32:58
Download Episode - File Size:7.56 MB
A Case Of Missing Emeralds
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.05.10
Play Episode - Length: 30:50
Download Episode - File Size:7.07 MB
The SS Harmonia Docks In Belize
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.08.16
Play Episode - Length: 29:44
Download Episode - File Size:6.82 MB

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