Series: NBC Symphony Of The Air
Genre: Variety
Episodes: 9

Toscanini Conducts Overture By Rosinni To La Scala Daeseta
Original Broadcast Date: 1938.01.29
Play Episode - Length: 74:05
Download Episode - File Size:16.97 MB
Toscanini Conducts Weber Brahms Dukas And Wagner
Original Broadcast Date: 1938.02.12
Play Episode - Length: 77:32
Download Episode - File Size:17.76 MB
Frank Black Conducts Marion Anderson
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.10.15
Play Episode - Length: 56:04
Download Episode - File Size:12.85 MB
Toscanini Conducts Bethoven Symphony Number 3
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.11.05
Play Episode - Length: 57:02
Download Episode - File Size:13.07 MB
Toscanini Conducts Bethoven Symphony Number 2
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.12.03
Play Episode - Length: 56:32
Download Episode - File Size:12.95 MB
Toscanini Conducts An All Italian Program
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.03.13
Play Episode - Length: 60:58
Download Episode - File Size:13.97 MB
Schubert's Rosamunde
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.04.24
Play Episode - Length: 58:18
Download Episode - File Size:13.36 MB
Summer Concert Series
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.05.15
Play Episode - Length: 1:00:37
Download Episode - File Size:13.89 MB
Mozart's Cosi Fan Tuti Overture
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.05.22
Play Episode - Length: 56:09
Download Episode - File Size:12.86 MB

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