Series: Music America Loves Best
Genre: Variety
Episodes: 7

First Song Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.05.01
Play Episode - Length: 29:18
Download Episode - File Size:6.72 MB
First Song Did You Ever Get That Feeling
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.08.12
Play Episode - Length: 30:39
Download Episode - File Size:7.03 MB
First Song Holiday For Strings
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.08.12
Play Episode - Length: 29:05
Download Episode - File Size:6.67 MB
First Song Tidings Of Comfort And Joy
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.12.24
Play Episode - Length: 30:01
Download Episode - File Size:6.89 MB
First Song Yip Yip Tahootie
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.03.18
Play Episode - Length: 29:52
Download Episode - File Size:6.85 MB
Tommy Dorsey - Guests Dorothy Kristen And Diana Lynn
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.07.08
Play Episode - Length: 30:09
Download Episode - File Size:6.91 MB
First Song Step By Step
Original Broadcast Date: 19xx.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 30:22
Download Episode - File Size:6.97 MB

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