Series: Major Bowes Amateur Hour
Genre: Variety
Episodes: 4

First Show On Network Radio After 11 Years On WHN
Original Broadcast Date: 1935.03.24
Play Episode - Length: 28:35
Download Episode - File Size:6.56 MB
First Show Of The Series On CBS
Original Broadcast Date: 1936.09.17
Play Episode - Length: 30:23
Download Episode - File Size:6.97 MB
First Guest Harlem Roustabouts
Original Broadcast Date: 1939.09.21
Play Episode - Length: 61:15
Download Episode - File Size:14.04 MB
AFRS Rebroadcast
Original Broadcast Date: 19xx.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 30:12
Download Episode - File Size:6.93 MB

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