Series: Faultless Starch Time
Genre: Variety
Episodes: 7

First Song 'Til The End Of The World
Original Broadcast Date: 1952.01.04
Play Episode - Length: 14:29
Download Episode - File Size:3.33 MB
Bob Atcher And The Hometowners
Original Broadcast Date: 1952.10.21
Play Episode - Length: 15:02
Download Episode - File Size:3.46 MB
First Song Quick Silver
Original Broadcast Date: 1952.11.09
Play Episode - Length: 14:39
Download Episode - File Size:3.37 MB
First Song Bonaparte's Retreat
Original Broadcast Date: 1952.11.16
Play Episode - Length: 14:20
Download Episode - File Size:3.3 MB
First Song I Want To Be Wanted
Original Broadcast Date: 1952.11.30
Play Episode - Length: 13:16
Download Episode - File Size:3.05 MB
First Song A Bouquet Of Roses
Original Broadcast Date: 1952.12.07
Play Episode - Length: 13:19
Download Episode - File Size:3.06 MB
First Song The Cowboy's Dance Song
Original Broadcast Date: 1952.12.28
Play Episode - Length: 14:45
Download Episode - File Size:3.39 MB

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