Series: House Of Mystery
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 5

Monster In The Lake Chapter 2
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.05.08
Play Episode - Length: 14:18
Download Episode - File Size:3.29 MB
The Haunters And The Haunted Chapter 3
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.06.13
Play Episode - Length: 14:21
Download Episode - File Size:3.3 MB
The Ghost Who Forgot Halloween
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.10.27
Play Episode - Length: 31:23
Download Episode - File Size:7.2 MB
Gift From The Dead
Original Broadcast Date: 1947.08.03
Play Episode - Length: 27:00
Download Episode - File Size:6.2 MB
The Mystery Of The Bat Boy
Original Broadcast Date: 19xx.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 22:18
Download Episode - File Size:5.12 MB

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