Series: The Answer Man
Genre: Quiz
Episodes: 9

Thanksgiving Questions
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.11.23
Play Episode - Length: 15:57
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The First Thanksgiving
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.11.28
Play Episode - Length: 13:46
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Hitler's Phone Number
Original Broadcast Date: 194x.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 16:00
Download Episode - File Size:3.68 MB
Original Broadcast Date: 194x.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 14:45
Download Episode - File Size:3.39 MB
Do Trees Give Off Much Water During The Summer?
Original Broadcast Date: 1959.03.02
Play Episode - Length: 14:33
Download Episode - File Size:3.34 MB
Who Wore The First Fancy Watch Band?
Original Broadcast Date: 1959.03.04
Play Episode - Length: 14:25
Download Episode - File Size:3.31 MB
Does The Average Eskimo Have Much Of A Vocabulary?
Original Broadcast Date: 1959.03.05
Play Episode - Length: 14:31
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How Do Eskimo Women Make Stiff Deerskin Leather Into Soft Moccasins?
Original Broadcast Date: 1959.03.06
Play Episode - Length: 14:27
Download Episode - File Size:3.32 MB
How Long Would It Take To Spend A Billion Dollars If I Spent A Dollar A Minute?
Original Broadcast Date: 1959.03.09
Play Episode - Length: 14:30
Download Episode - File Size:3.33 MB

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