Series: Paul Winchell And Jerry Mahoney
Genre: Quiz
Episodes: 5

Jerrys Birthday Bicycle
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.07.10
Play Episode - Length: 28:56
Download Episode - File Size:6.64 MB
Audition Show
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.07.02
Play Episode - Length: 13:57
Download Episode - File Size:3.21 MB
Pack Up Your Troubles
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.07.05
Play Episode - Length: 14:49
Download Episode - File Size:3.41 MB
Jerry Describes His Daily Activities
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.08.26
Play Episode - Length: 14:38
Download Episode - File Size:3.37 MB
Fun On The Telephone
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.08.27
Play Episode - Length: 14:46
Download Episode - File Size:3.4 MB

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