Series: Dr I Q The Mental Banker
Genre: Quiz
Episodes: 6

Current Name Of Peking
Original Broadcast Date: 1939.07.17
Play Episode - Length: 30:11
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Last 3 Minutes Of Minneapolis, MN
Original Broadcast Date: 1941.08.04
Play Episode - Length: 3:04
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West Point Of The Air
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.01.26
Play Episode - Length: 29:31
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Date Of Pearl Harbor Attack In Phillippines
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.07.13
Play Episode - Length: 29:18
Download Episode - File Size:6.72 MB
First Half Of Countries Of Benelux
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.03.29
Play Episode - Length: 15:13
Download Episode - File Size:3.5 MB
First Half Of Captain Flint (First Half)
Original Broadcast Date: 1948.09.13
Play Episode - Length: 15:11
Download Episode - File Size:3.49 MB

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