Series: The Adventures Of Harry Nile
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 5

West For My Health
Original Broadcast Date: 1976.01.01
Play Episode - Length: 44:50
Download Episode - File Size:10.28 MB
Seattle Blues
Original Broadcast Date: 1976.12.02
Play Episode - Length: 23:47
Download Episode - File Size:5.46 MB
The Case Of The Dead Ringer
Original Broadcast Date: 1977.12.27
Play Episode - Length: 25:09
Download Episode - File Size:5.77 MB
For This I Bought A New Suit?
Original Broadcast Date: 1978.01.03
Play Episode - Length: 21:52
Download Episode - File Size:5.02 MB
The Eddie Mayhew Matter
Original Broadcast Date: 1978.01.10
Play Episode - Length: 20:40
Download Episode - File Size:4.74 MB

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