Series: WFAU
Episodes: 14

Hallowell, Maine Bicentennial
Original Broadcast Date: 1962.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 43:32
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This Is Edward R. Murrow
Original Broadcast Date: 1965.04.30
Play Episode - Length: 42:41
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Interview - Maine Gov. John H. Reed
Original Broadcast Date: 1965.11.30
Play Episode - Length: 23:15
Download Episode - File Size:5.34 MB
Interview - San Quentin State Prison Warden Clinton T. Duffy
Original Broadcast Date: 1967.05.26
Play Episode - Length: 15:23
Download Episode - File Size:3.54 MB
Interview - Gary Merrill - Congressional Candidate
Original Broadcast Date: 1968.05.xx
Play Episode - Length: 20:10
Download Episode - File Size:4.63 MB
Interview - Maine Gov. Kenneth M. Curtis
Original Broadcast Date: 1968.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 25:06
Download Episode - File Size:5.76 MB
Interview - Gadabout Gaddis - The Flying Fisherman
Original Broadcast Date: 1969.05.xx
Play Episode - Length: 21:29
Download Episode - File Size:4.93 MB
Interview - Maine Gov. James B. Longley
Original Broadcast Date: 1974.11.01
Play Episode - Length: 27:41
Download Episode - File Size:6.35 MB
Capital Opticians Radio Ad Campaign
Original Broadcast Date: 1976.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 8:12
Download Episode - File Size:1.89 MB
Theater Of The Air - Lizzie Borden Of Fall River - The Bridey Murphy Theory
Original Broadcast Date: 1976.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 29:38
Download Episode - File Size:6.8 MB
Interview - Science Fiction Writer Frederik G. Pohl
Original Broadcast Date: 1977.11.03
Play Episode - Length: 25:00
Download Episode - File Size:5.74 MB
Talkback With Norm Gallant - The Operation Of A Small Maine Radio Station
Original Broadcast Date: 1977.12.09
Play Episode - Length: 45:15
Download Episode - File Size:10.37 MB
Interview - Writer Bill Caldwell - Enjoying Maine
Original Broadcast Date: 1977.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 24:12
Download Episode - File Size:5.55 MB
Interview - Writer John Gould
Original Broadcast Date: 1979.05.10
Play Episode - Length: 24:58
Download Episode - File Size:5.73 MB

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