Series: Ronald Reagan
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 69

Inaugural Address
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.01.20
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Mark Hatfield Wishes Jimmy Carter Well During First Inauguration Ceremony
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.01.20
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Warren Burger Administers The Oath Of Office To Ronald Reagan 40th President Of The United States
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.01.20
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Greetings Welcoming Home The Hostages Formerly Held In Iran
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.01.27
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Address To The Nation After 16 Days In Office
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.02.05
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Addresses Budget Cutting Plans And His Opposition To Funding Of Bilingual Education
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.03.02
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Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.03.06
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Speaks To The Canadian Parliament On His First Foreign State Visit
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.03.11
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President Reagan Shot
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.03.30
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Dennis O'Leary Speaks At A Press Conference On The Morning After The Assassination Attempt On President Reagan
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.03.31
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Larry Speakes Talks At The Press Conference On The Morning Following The Attempt On The Life Of President Reagan
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.03.31
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Offers Support For The Graham-Latta Substitute To His Original Budget Plan
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.04.28
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President Reagan's First Press Conference Since The Assassination Attempt
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.06.15
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Fourth Television Address To The Nation
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.07.27
Play Episode - Length: 23:08
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Gives Ultimatum To Striking Air Traffic Controllers
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.08.03
Play Episode - Length: 6:06
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Says The US Will Enter Into Arms Reduction Talks With The Soviet Union
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.09.03
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Sixth Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.10.01
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Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.11.10
Play Episode - Length: 34:45
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Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.12.17
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Reads Sanctions Against The Soviet Union
Original Broadcast Date: 1981.12.29
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Seventh Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1982.01.19
Play Episode - Length: 38:01
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First State Of The Union Address By President Reagan
Original Broadcast Date: 1982.01.26
Play Episode - Length: 17:10
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Eighth Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1982.02.18
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Tenth Presidential Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1982.05.13
Play Episode - Length: 39:13
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Press Conference On Unemployment And The Economy
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.02.04
Play Episode - Length: 16:42
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Announces His Proposal For Bilateral Reduction Of Nuclear Warheads In Europe
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.03.30
Play Episode - Length: 9:02
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Addresses The Newspaper Publishers Association
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.04.27
Play Episode - Length: 24:59
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Seventeenth Presidential Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.05.17
Play Episode - Length: 37:20
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Eighteenth Presidential Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.06.28
Play Episode - Length: 33:54
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Reagan Press Conference - Statements And Discussion On Central America And US Involvement In Wars In El Salvador And Nicaragua
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.07.26
Play Episode - Length: 35:38
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Announces William Clark As His Nominee For Sec Of The Interior
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.10.16
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Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.10.19
Play Episode - Length: 35:05
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Addresses The Japanese Legislature In Japanese And English
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.11.11
Play Episode - Length: 0:51
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Declares The Second Week In December As Drugged And Drunken Awareness Week
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.12.13
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Press Conference
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.12.14
Play Episode - Length: 16:46
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Calls 1983 A Banner Year For An Improved Economy And Talks About Peacekeeping In The Middle East
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.12.20
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Speaks To A Convention Of Educators In Indiana
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.12.xx
Play Episode - Length: 21:54
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Third State Of The Union Address
Original Broadcast Date: 1984.01.25
Play Episode - Length: 49:50
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Speaks Before The Irish Parliament
Original Broadcast Date: 1984.06.04
Play Episode - Length: 1:44
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Speaks At The Normandy Beachhead Pointe Du Hoc - He Remembers The Gallantry Of Military On That Spot Forty Years Earlier
Original Broadcast Date: 1984.06.06
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Off-The-Cuff Remarks During A Microphone Check
Original Broadcast Date: 1984.08.19
Play Episode - Length: 0:53
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Addresses A Prayer Breakfast In Dallas On The Relationship Between Religion And Politics
Original Broadcast Date: 1984.08.23
Play Episode - Length: 14:52
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Address The United Nations General Assembly
Original Broadcast Date: 1984.09.24
Play Episode - Length: 33:39
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Reagan Mondale Debate
Original Broadcast Date: 1984.10.07
Play Episode - Length: 1:40:36
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Address To Thousands Of High School Bandsmen Who Were Disappointed By The Cancellation Of The Inaugural Parade Due To Weather
Original Broadcast Date: 1985.01.21
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Second State Of The Union Address
Original Broadcast Date: 1985.02.06
Play Episode - Length: 39:01
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Second Inaugural Luncheon For President Reagan
Original Broadcast Date: 1985.02.21
Play Episode - Length: 7:03
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Discusses The Results Of The Bonn Summit
Original Broadcast Date: 1985.05.12
Play Episode - Length: 21:45
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Formal Statement After The Freeing Of The Hostages From Lebanon
Original Broadcast Date: 1985.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 5:15
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Reagan Appeals Directly To US Citizens To Support Increased Defense Spending
Original Broadcast Date: 1986.02.26
Play Episode - Length: 32:04
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Discusses A Possible Summit Meeting With Mikhail Gorbachev
Original Broadcast Date: 1986.08.12
Play Episode - Length: 41:35
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Democrats Response To State Of The Union Address By Jim Wright And Robert Byrd
Original Broadcast Date: 1987.01.27
Play Episode - Length: 24:14
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State Of The Union Address
Original Broadcast Date: 1987.02.27
Play Episode - Length: 34:45
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Announces The Appointment Of Frank Carlucci As Assistant To The President For National Security Affairs
Original Broadcast Date: 1987.03.xx
Play Episode - Length: 4:43
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Press Conference During The International Economic Summit In Venice
Original Broadcast Date: 1987.06.11
Play Episode - Length: 30:39
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Speaks At Independence Hall Philadelphia On The 200th Anniversary Of The Constitution
Original Broadcast Date: 1987.09.17
Play Episode - Length: 3:03
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Promises Continuing Aid To The Freedom Fighters In Central America
Original Broadcast Date: 1987.09.25
Play Episode - Length: 7:47
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Speech To The Labor Department
Original Broadcast Date: 1987.10.23
Play Episode - Length: 11:28
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Addresses The Nation On The Results Of The Summit With Gorbachev
Original Broadcast Date: 1987.12.10
Play Episode - Length: 19:46
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Robert Byrd And Jim Wright Give The Democrats' Response To President Reagan's Seventh State Of The Union Address
Original Broadcast Date: 1988.01.25
Play Episode - Length: 6:38
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President Reagan Makes Remarks On The White House Lawn Before Departing For NATO Talks In Brussels, Belgium
Original Broadcast Date: 1988.03.01
Play Episode - Length: 3:35
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Addresses The World Affairs Council In Springfield, Massachusetts
Original Broadcast Date: 1988.04.21
Play Episode - Length: 38:22
Download Episode - File Size:8.8 MB
Speaks On The Eve Of His Summit Meeting With Mikhail Gorbachev In Helsinki, Finland
Original Broadcast Date: 1988.05.27
Play Episode - Length: 13:22
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Ronald Reagan Names Richard Thornburgh To Replace Edwin Meese
Original Broadcast Date: 1988.07.12
Play Episode - Length: 4:24
Download Episode - File Size:1.02 MB
Ronald Reagan Pays Tribute To The Seven Who Died Aboard The Challenger
Original Broadcast Date: 1988.09.22
Play Episode - Length: 5:44
Download Episode - File Size:1.33 MB
Addressing The United Nations For The Last Time As US President
Original Broadcast Date: 1988.09.26
Play Episode - Length: 36:04
Download Episode - File Size:8.27 MB
Addresses The Conservative American Enterprise Institute
Original Broadcast Date: 1988.12.13
Play Episode - Length: 21:01
Download Episode - File Size:4.82 MB
Farewell Speech To The American People From The Oval Office
Original Broadcast Date: 1989.01.11
Play Episode - Length: 20:52
Download Episode - File Size:4.79 MB
Accepts The Dept Of Defense Medal For Distinguished Public Service
Original Broadcast Date: 1989.01.12
Play Episode - Length: 32:28
Download Episode - File Size:7.45 MB

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