Series: These Are Our Men
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10

Franklin D. Roosevelt With Frank Sinatra
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.12.02
Play Episode - Length: 29:26
Download Episode - File Size:6.75 MB
Gen. George C. Marshall With Franchot Tone
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.12.09
Play Episode - Length: 29:46
Download Episode - File Size:6.83 MB
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower With Ralph Bellamy
Original Broadcast Date: 1944.12.16
Play Episode - Length: 30:13
Download Episode - File Size:6.93 MB
Gen Jonathon Mayhew Wainwright
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.01.06
Play Episode - Length: 28:20
Download Episode - File Size:6.5 MB
Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King With Jean Hersholt
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.01.13
Play Episode - Length: 30:11
Download Episode - File Size:6.92 MB
General Of The Army Douglas MacArthur
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.01.20
Play Episode - Length: 30:34
Download Episode - File Size:7.01 MB
Lt. Gen Alexander A. Vandergrift With Richard Arlen
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.01.27
Play Episode - Length: 30:20
Download Episode - File Size:6.96 MB
Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz With Jack Benny
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.02.03
Play Episode - Length: 30:05
Download Episode - File Size:6.9 MB
Lt. Gen George S. Patton
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.02.10
Play Episode - Length: 30:47
Download Episode - File Size:7.06 MB
Brave Men
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.02.17
Play Episode - Length: 30:30
Download Episode - File Size:7 MB

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