Series: Order In The Court
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10

Mans Faith And Love For His Crippled Second Wife And Son Are Being Poisoned By His Grandmother
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.02.05
Play Episode - Length: 27:06
Download Episode - File Size:6.22 MB
Young Girl Marries An Older Man Who Turns Out To Be Not As Rich As She Thought
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.02.12
Play Episode - Length: 26:29
Download Episode - File Size:6.08 MB
The Case Of Thomas Patterson
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.02.19
Play Episode - Length: 26:54
Download Episode - File Size:6.17 MB
The Case Of The Three Musketeers
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.02.26
Play Episode - Length: 27:18
Download Episode - File Size:6.27 MB
The Case Of Young Mr. Rutherford
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.03.05
Play Episode - Length: 27:48
Download Episode - File Size:6.38 MB
Young Man Falls In Love With A Married Woman Whose Husband Is Found Dead
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.03.12
Play Episode - Length: 26:52
Download Episode - File Size:6.17 MB
Mrs. Manning
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.03.19
Play Episode - Length: 25:55
Download Episode - File Size:5.95 MB
The Case Of The Unfaithful Wife
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.03.26
Play Episode - Length: 26:36
Download Episode - File Size:6.1 MB
The Case Of Miss Brent
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.06.25
Play Episode - Length: 25:41
Download Episode - File Size:5.89 MB
The Case Of James Evans
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.07.02
Play Episode - Length: 26:01
Download Episode - File Size:5.97 MB

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