Series: Mercury Theater Lady Esther Presents Orson Welles
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 9

Shrendi Vashtar An Irishman And A Jew
Original Broadcast Date: 1941.09.15
Play Episode - Length: 28:16
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The Interlopers  The Song Of Solomon  I'm A Fool
Original Broadcast Date: 1941.09.29
Play Episode - Length: 30:14
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The Black Pearl Annabelle Lee There's A Full Moon Tonight
Original Broadcast Date: 1941.10.06
Play Episode - Length: 2:01
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If In Years To Come Noah Webster's Library Dorothy Parkers Poetry
Original Broadcast Date: 1941.10.13
Play Episode - Length: 3:58
Download Episode - File Size:948.47 KB
Wild Oranges
Original Broadcast Date: 1941.11.03
Play Episode - Length: 30:14
Download Episode - File Size:6.94 MB
Wilber Brown Habitat Brooklyn Somethings Going To Happen To Henry
Original Broadcast Date: 1941.12.01
Play Episode - Length: 29:57
Download Episode - File Size:6.87 MB
The Happy Prince
Original Broadcast Date: 1941.12.22
Play Episode - Length: 27:15
Download Episode - File Size:6.25 MB
The Apple Tree
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.01.12
Play Episode - Length: 30:13
Download Episode - File Size:6.93 MB
My Little Boy
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.01.19
Play Episode - Length: 26:28
Download Episode - File Size:6.07 MB

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