Series: Hello Americans
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 12

Should The Govt Assume Responsibility For Full Empoyment
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.11.15
Play Episode - Length: 28:51
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Would Immediate Freedom For India Hasten Or Retard Victory
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.11.22
Play Episode - Length: 28:54
Download Episode - File Size:6.63 MB
Is The 25,000 Dollar Salary Limitation Justifiable
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.11.29
Play Episode - Length: 28:06
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Should Congress Assume More Responsibility Planning For Peace
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.12.06
Play Episode - Length: 29:05
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Is Washington Overregulating War Industry
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.12.13
Play Episode - Length: 29:10
Download Episode - File Size:6.69 MB
What Is The War Doing To Our Colleges
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.12.20
Play Episode - Length: 29:21
Download Episode - File Size:6.74 MB
Must Civilians Be Drafted For War Work
Original Broadcast Date: 1942.12.27
Play Episode - Length: 29:07
Download Episode - File Size:6.68 MB
Can The People Have A Voice In Rationing
Original Broadcast Date: 1943.01.03
Play Episode - Length: 29:25
Download Episode - File Size:6.75 MB
How Can We Solve The Shipping Crisis
Original Broadcast Date: 1943.01.10
Play Episode - Length: 28:55
Download Episode - File Size:6.63 MB
Would Freedom From Want Create A Better World
Original Broadcast Date: 1943.01.17
Play Episode - Length: 26:22
Download Episode - File Size:6.05 MB
What Should We Do With Conquered Germany
Original Broadcast Date: 1943.01.24
Play Episode - Length: 29:20
Download Episode - File Size:6.73 MB
What Should We Do With Conquered Japan
Original Broadcast Date: 1943.01.31
Play Episode - Length: 29:11
Download Episode - File Size:6.7 MB

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