Series: Exploring The Unknown
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 6

The Dark Curtain With Veronica Lake
Original Broadcast Date: 1947.04.20
Play Episode - Length: 25:06
Download Episode - File Size:5.76 MB
The Bells Toll With Melvyn Douglas
Original Broadcast Date: 1947.05.04
Play Episode - Length: 24:17
Download Episode - File Size:5.58 MB
Chain Reaction
Original Broadcast Date: 1947.10.19
Play Episode - Length: 29:12
Download Episode - File Size:6.7 MB
The Hidden Enemy
Original Broadcast Date: 1947.11.23
Play Episode - Length: 28:58
Download Episode - File Size:6.65 MB
The Christmas Cloud With Morey Amsterdam
Original Broadcast Date: 1947.12.21
Play Episode - Length: 28:54
Download Episode - File Size:6.63 MB
Murder In Bed
Original Broadcast Date: 1947.12.28
Play Episode - Length: 28:57
Download Episode - File Size:6.64 MB

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