Series: The Trials Of Marshall Hall
Genre: Detective
Episodes: 5

The Black Trunk
Original Broadcast Date: 1996.11.19
Play Episode - Length: 26:54
Download Episode - File Size:12.33 MB
The Camden Town Murder
Original Broadcast Date: 1996.11.26
Play Episode - Length: 26:47
Download Episode - File Size:12.27 MB
A Hint Of Arsenic
Original Broadcast Date: 1996.12.03
Play Episode - Length: 27:17
Download Episode - File Size:12.5 MB
A Death At Christmas
Original Broadcast Date: 1996.12.10
Play Episode - Length: 28:18
Download Episode - File Size:12.97 MB
The Case Of The Green Bicycle
Original Broadcast Date: 1996.12.17
Play Episode - Length: 27:09
Download Episode - File Size:12.44 MB

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