Series: It Pays To Be Married
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 5

Mr. And Mrs. Charles Fronk
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.07.20
Play Episode - Length: 14:27
Download Episode - File Size:3.33 MB
Mr. And Mrs. Irwin T. Porter
Original Broadcast Date: 1954.01.15
Play Episode - Length: 14:22
Download Episode - File Size:3.3 MB
Mr. And Mrs. John Scovern
Original Broadcast Date: 1954.01.27
Play Episode - Length: 14:20
Download Episode - File Size:3.3 MB
Guest Is Danny Thomas
Original Broadcast Date: 1954.02.25
Play Episode - Length: 13:29
Download Episode - File Size:3.1 MB
Phil Harris And Alice Faye
Original Broadcast Date: 1954.03.08
Play Episode - Length: 14:25
Download Episode - File Size:3.32 MB

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