Series: CBC Max Ferguson
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 8

Mocking Their French
Original Broadcast Date: 1965.10.30
Play Episode - Length: 6:44
Download Episode - File Size:3.09 MB
A Satirical View Of The Omnibus Bill
Original Broadcast Date: 1968.09.21
Play Episode - Length: 5:17
Download Episode - File Size:2.43 MB
PEI Fixed Link Options Are Laughable
Original Broadcast Date: 1969.03.08
Play Episode - Length: 6:16
Download Episode - File Size:2.88 MB
Max Ferguson Gets In The Game
Original Broadcast Date: 1972.09.05
Play Episode - Length: 3:50
Download Episode - File Size:1.77 MB
Summit Series - Canadians Bumped From Moscow Hotels
Original Broadcast Date: 1972.09.20
Play Episode - Length: 4:37
Download Episode - File Size:2.12 MB
Max Ferguson Pokes Fun At South Pacific Showdown
Original Broadcast Date: 1973.09.25
Play Episode - Length: 5:37
Download Episode - File Size:2.59 MB
Christmas Day Show
Original Broadcast Date: 1983.12.25
Play Episode - Length: 1:58:32
Download Episode - File Size:54.28 MB
Fifty Years And A Day
Original Broadcast Date: 1998.xx.xx
Play Episode - Length: 59:35
Download Episode - File Size:27.29 MB

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