Series: Island Venture
Genre: Adventure
Episodes: 10

Plot To Make Matan Chief Of Both Islands
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.12.06
Play Episode - Length: 28:11
Download Episode - File Size:6.47 MB
Thompson Visits Gil At Ilo Pan
Original Broadcast Date: 1945.12.13
Play Episode - Length: 28:12
Download Episode - File Size:6.47 MB
Joe Standish Comes To Work For Interisland Air Service
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.01.10
Play Episode - Length: 17:29
Download Episode - File Size:4.02 MB
Sing Sunshine For The Princess Of Lapango
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.01.17
Play Episode - Length: 28:17
Download Episode - File Size:6.49 MB
Gil And Trigger Find Cartwrights On A Sandbar
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.01.24
Play Episode - Length: 28:05
Download Episode - File Size:6.44 MB
Find Small Canoe Containing Injured Native
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.01.31
Play Episode - Length: 28:28
Download Episode - File Size:6.53 MB
Gil Meets New Girl Named Nancy Goodwin
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.02.07
Play Episode - Length: 24:06
Download Episode - File Size:5.53 MB
Gil Is Jealous Of Dr. Stacy
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.02.21
Play Episode - Length: 28:16
Download Episode - File Size:6.49 MB
Trigger Arrives To Do Business With Lecont
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.04.25
Play Episode - Length: 29:01
Download Episode - File Size:6.66 MB
Recovering A Log
Original Broadcast Date: 1946.05.02
Play Episode - Length: 28:54
Download Episode - File Size:6.63 MB

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