| Bandaid Site

Welcome to the temporary site for that we are calling the "Bandaid Site".

As some of you may know already, our original site was recently targeted by various malware attacks and our outdated web platform and host became unstable and unsafe for our listeners. We were forced to take down that site as it was causing harm to others. We are currently in the process of trying to create a new site with better security and move the site to a more secure host but that will take some time and money to do so.

In the meantime, we hope this bandaid site allows a sort of "fix for your OTR fix" ;) This site only allows for sorting through the series by genre or by series name. Please use the above navigation bar to choose a sort method.

If you are interested in helping us upgrade the site to a new and "safe" web platform hosted with a new provider on a more secure system, please visit our GoFundMe site by clicking the button below. Even if you don't have the ablity to help financially, the GoFundMe site has links to help spread the word. Anything will help!